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CorpPass is Mandatory For Businesses in Singapore from 1st September 2018

CorpPass is Mandatory For Businesses in Singapore from 1st September 2018

Singapore Government announced last year that CorpPass (Singapore Corporate Access), the digital identity for businesses, will be the only log in to access for businesses to interact with the Government from 1st September 2018. SingPass and EASY will cease to exist.

CorpPass segregates personal and corporate transactions keeping personal privacy and sensitive business information intact. This is the first time that the govt. has rolled out this single corporate business identity, this gives the govt. an opportunity to provide/add more services online to make convenient and secure for businesses.

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) is a statutory board formed in October 2016, after the restructuring of Infocomm Development Authority. GovTech works under the Prime Minister’s Office and acts as an implementing agency of the group, Smart Nation and Digital Government Group.

How to register for CorpPass:
Step 1: Registered Officer (RO) Logs on to with UEN or SingPass.

A foreign entity without UEN and a local entity with UEN are eligible for CorpPass. Local entities without UEN are not eligible but they can obtain one from any UEN issuance agency. Availability of CorpPass for foreign entities is subject to the ACRA or any UEN issuance agency.

Step 2: A maximum of two CorpPass admins can be registered.

There can be a maximum of 2 admins per account only and there is no limit to the number of CorpPass users per entity.

Step 3: CorpPass admin creates CorpPass accounts for users.

Creation can be done by RO only.

Step 4: CorpPass admin has the power to restrict access of few CorpPass user accounts.

This step can be ignored if the admin is the only user and has been granted access to all digital services, such as the IRAS, ACRA etc.

Step 5: CorpPass Admin maintains CorpPass Accounts

To log in to IRAS digital services, all companies must first be authorized with CorpPass. The services accessible by CorpPass would be Corporate tax filing and return, property tax filing and payment, PIC Cash Payout, Withholding Tax forms, Partnership forms, Tax Clearance form, Automatic Exchange of Information, E-Stamping, as well as submission of employment income records, donation records and commission records.

The basic CorpPass process is as follows:

Check you entity’s eligibility à Identify your CorpPass role i.e. Admin, Sub-Admin, Enquiry User, User à Register and setup CorpPass i.e. depending on the situation is run by a single man or a complex one.

For GST-registered sole-proprietor, GST group and divisional registrants
If you are GST registered sole-proprietor, GST group or divisional registrants, you will need a separate CorpPass admin acc under your GST number. The GST CorpPass account is different from the CorpPass Admin account, the GST CorpPass can give access to third parties on IRAS GST e-services.

The following steps will guide you to set up your GST CorpPass account:

Step 1: Registering GST CorpPass Admin Account

Make changes to your GST admin account or complete the form to appoint a new GST CorpPass admin. Send the form to IRAS via myTax Mail at least 5 working days in advance.

Step 2: Creation of GST CorpPass user account

This step can be ignored if the GST CorpPass Admin himself files the GST returns.

The GST CorpPass admin has to create a GST CorpPass user account and then the User receives an email notification from CorpPass to activate his account by resetting a password.

Step 3: Assign GST e-Services

After setting up of GST CorpPass accounts, the user or the admin has to select GST e-Services to the user account or select it in your own GST admin account.

Foreign users without SingPass
Foreign users need to set up CorpPass 2FA – a mobile application for non-SingPass holders.

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